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Most marine aquarium keepers insist that protein skimmers are a must for healthy saltwater aquarium, They also believe no aquarium should be without a protein skimmer. Most beginners wonder what is so special about protein skimmers and do I need a protein skimmer for my aquarium? This article is going to elaborate on how a protein skimmer helps saltwater aquariums and if protein skimmers are actually required.

A protein skimmer is a device that is placed inside the saltwater aquarium. The purpose of a protein skimmer is to help keep your aquarium clean. Protein skimmers work by emitting bubbles that attract protein, extra minerals, waste and gunk that is free swimming in the water. Then the skimmer collects waste products and puts them in a canister. The waste products form a yellow liquid and the canister needs to be emptied regularly when in order to avoid over spilling.

Protein skimmers are important because they collect these particles before they are broken down and convert into poisonous nitrogenous wastes that can be harmful or fatal to your fish. There are some marine aquarium keepers who do not keep protein skimmers, instead they use expensive filters and do extra water changes to help keep their aquarium clean. Keeping an aquarium clean and functional without a protein skimmer is a very hard task. For beginners it is recommended to opt for a protein skimmer until you learn to master the art of keeping your marine fish healthy.

Co current protein skimmers use lime wood to operate the device and are considered effective but not the best. Venturi style protein skimmers use a more sophisticated technology that is based on air injection and these skimmers do not require air stones or lime wood to work. Many of the popular protein skimmers available on the market are hang on skimmers that use the Venturi design to create bubbles along with a modified power head. Hang on protein skimmers are popular choices since they can either be placed inside the aquarium or can be placed inside the sump. Other popular skimmers that are available on the market include aspiration protein skimmers, down draft protein skimmers, Beckett skimmers and spray induction skimmers.

Since protein skimmers are a piece of important equipment they can be costly. It is recommended to shop for a protein skimmer that will last for a long period of time. It is always beneficial to purchase a back up protein skimmer to ensure that your aquarium is kept clean and gunk free at all times.