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Aquarium backgrounds can help to make your aquarium a unique piece of furniture in your living room, dining room, or wherever you decide to place it. The types of backgrounds available are limited only by your imagination. But in addition to their aesthetic qualities, they also have a few functional uses. If your aquarium is in the direct path of the sun, the right aquarium background can cut down on the amount of light filtering through the water and disturbing the fish. Aquarium backgrounds also help to add depth to your aquarium, making it appear more 3 dimensional to the naked eye.

Backgrounds are fantastic for exhibiting and showing off your fish to friends and visitors. But, in addition, backgrounds are also great for showing how fish look in their native environments. In many cases, the attempt to populate an aquarium with a fish’s native plants runs into one of two main problems. Either the specific plant is too hard to find in the standard fish or pet stores. Or, the delicacy of the plant causes you to continually have to replace your aquarium plants. The right horticultural background helps to give the illusion of a fish swimming in it’s native environment.

But plant backgrounds are only one of the many background types that you can choose from. One of the better selling background choices are colored rocks which when placed next to the flat monotone gravel in the tank, actually makes the scenery come alive. Those not interested in re-creating ocean or sea life can choose from esoteric categories such as musical instruments to cartoon characters on popular shows. You can also find these backgrounds in an endless varieties of colors and sizes that will fit any fish tank that you own.

If you have a bit of artistic talent, you can actually create your own background paintings. As mentioned above, however, if you plan on putting your mural on the inside of your aquarium, ensure that it contains no toxic materials that can leach into the water.

You can find aquarium backgrounds made for both the outside of the tank and for the tank insides. If buying one for the inside of the tank you have to ensure that it’s made of materials that are non-toxic to the fish. The best method of monitoring for this is to only deal with reputable fish or animal stores when making your purchase.

Most tank backgrounds sold in stores are made of vinyl. These are usually waterproof as well which means that they can be used in either the outside or inside of the tank.

Those not wanting to buy aquarium backgrounds or who think that they are too flashy can always buy a tank with the back painted or simply paint the back themselves. Painted fish tanks do not bring much added excitement to the tank and can actually make the fish tank seem less interesting. Nevertheless, as many people prefer a painted back for these very reasons.

Some of the best commercial tank backgrounds are so realistic that they actually fool the casual viewer. The best thing about them, however, is that they simply serve to add a bit of spice to your hobby.

Wall Aquariums are perfect for providing a pleasurable, soothing, peaceful background to virtually any setting. Just imagine how children and adults alike will enjoy the fish as they swim about in their bubbly, tranquil world.

Wall aquariums are truly the perfect addition to virtually any environment, whether it be your office, living room, bedroom, or family room. The gentle burble in the background, the soft lighting of a beautiful underwater scene, and fascinating water creatures and fish provide both a mesmerizing spectacle to enjoy and a soothing background sound.

Businesses have often found that installing a wall aquarium can provide their clients or customers with an interesting, relaxing option to pass the time in the waiting area. Often people tire of the constant noise of TVs, radio, and computers; wall aquariums offer a pleasant alternative.

Many individuals dont realize all of the choices available when they consider buying an aquarium; they are in fact available in several sizes and styles, as well as a few different shapes and colors.

For instance, you might like the whimsical Aquavista AquaClock Wall Hanging Series which is available in black, white or red, is a working clock approximately 10 x 10 x 4 and weighs approximately 8 pounds when full of water. When youve installed your own batteries, the clock is fully operational. Your friends or co-workers will take great delight in the fish swimming about as the clock tells the time.

Another option is the Panoramic Wall Aquarium. The Aquavista Panoramic is a complete advanced aquarium system, has a pre-assembled dual filtration system, heater, air pump, lighting, CO2 generator, and automatic feeder that is controlled by an easy to use programmable touch-screen control to simplify all functions. And, over $40 of essential aquarium care accessories are included free of charge!
Create an Underwater Garden – each unit comes with a CO2 generator which allows live plants to grow and prosper in the Aquavista Panoramic. Aquascaping is an upcoming hobby and the Aquavista Panoramic makes it easy.

Weather you opt for a salt-water tank or a fresh-water one, capturing the wonders of a world under the water is easy when you purchase a kit that will include filters, pumps, gravel, vegetation, and lighting. Everything you need (other than the fish!) comes in an aquarium kit, along with instructions on how to keep your tank clean so your beautiful new fish and intriguing, delightful water creatures will give you pleasure for a long time to come. Salt-water fish and animals are a bit more expensive, but they do come in myriad variety and colors that are just beautiful, unique, and captivating.

Whether you are looking for a small tank for a dorm room, childs bedroom, or office space, or a huge aquarium to display in your formal living room as you would an expensive work of art, wall aquariums can bring soothing joy to anyone who is near. You, too, should consider the benefits of having such an exquisite addition to your office or home.

If you are planning to start a marine aquarium then you must be aware that there are a few things such as protein skimmers and wave makers which are absolutely necessary for your aquarium. This article is going to elaborate on the purpose of a wave maker in an aquarium. As well as provide some tips that can help you choose a wave maker for your aquarium.

Wave makers are basically water surge devices that are used in aquariums to produce waves that are similar to that of seas and oceans. These devices stimulate the water and allow water to be circulated in the aquarium which helps provide oxygen to the fish and invertebrates. Wave makers are especially helpful in a marine aquarium since lack of circulation can cause poisonous substances to grow in marine aquariums and wave makers eliminate any such problems. Wave makers also help deliver food to corals and other invertebrates that cannot search for food on their own.

Wave makers are units that allow you to connect power heads and pumps to the control unit. These control units provide options to control the speed and height of the wave. Good wave makers have features that can prevent damage to power heads and pumps and allow you to stimulate both day and night waves in order to mimic a natural environment. Features that allow you to choose from rolling, smooth and turbulent waves are required options in good wave makers. A good wave maker will also provide feeding modes that can help you feed your invertebrates. The cycle time for waves is adjustable in a good wave maker and this feature can help circulate water while removing dead spots that accumulate wastes inside your marine aquarium. Other advanced features may be available in wave makers that can prove beneficial if there is a requirement for those features in your marine aquarium.

Another type of device that is used to create waves is a switching current water director also known as SCWD. Switching current water directors use existing pumps to generate double directional movement in your marine aquarium. These units are beneficial to reef aquariums. A good SCWD will direct water incoming water flow to two alternative outputs and the device will switch alternatively depending on the incoming pressure of the water.

Power heads, timers and pumps are usually sold separately but it may be possible to get a package deal that has all the necessary components to make a wave maker fully functional.

For the best aquarium in Edmonton shop Big Als Aquarium Supercentres

Tired of fishing around for the right aquarium? Do you want to fill your tank without breaking the bank? Then come to Big Als the best shop in Edmonton for aquariums. Swimming with inventory this large facility boasts massive displays and houses everything to suit your aquarium needs right here in Edmonton. With Showrooms that will leave you fascinated and an unrivaled selection of aquatic necessities, Big Als has earned the title of the best pet and aquarium centre in Edmonton.

Established in 1975 Big Als Aquarium Supercentres have become the one stop shop to accommodate all aquarium needs. The roomy Aquarium Centre in Edmonton spans 8,000 square feet and is home to ample merchandise from accessories to plants. With 35 years in the industry Big Als has been able to expand across Canada and features an in store aquarium collection that has become one of Canadas largest. From the rows of aquariums ranging from 2 to 265 gallons to the visual presentations offered in the showroom you might spend hours exploring this grand Edmonton aquarium centre. Big Als offers quality customer service with specialists available to guide you through the Coral Reef fish past the Shark tank and Koi ponds directly to the equipment that best suits your individual needs. This Edmonton Aquarium centre is teaming with an abundance of quality merchandise that you would have to see to believe. Big Als can accommodate all aquarium needs and offers continual in-home maintenance service on aquariums. The aquatic care program features on call aquarium maintenance to ensure your aquarium is kept at its best. Eye catching displays, superior product and on call maintenance service are just a few of the features that have won Big Als the Consumers Choice Award as the best aquarium centre in Edmonton.

The Consumers Choice Awards are prestigious awards that are granted to businesses in the community that have provided an excellence in service. Big Als has provided Edmonton with the best in aquariums. Awards are granted based on research completed by the independent research firm Leger Marketing. Leger conducts research by way of open-ended surveys distributed to the mass public. These surveys generate an array of public response and in order to validate the outcome these surveys are repeated. The consumer is asked to name their choice of business and Big Als was popularly named for the best aquariums in Edmonton. Names of the top ranking businesses in each category are put to a vote and the local businesses selected are promoted as best in the community. With the award comes the title of superior customer service and reputation for public preference, therefore making the Consumers Choice Award desirable to any business. The Consumers have chosen to award Big Als for the best aquariums in Edmonton.

Thank you to the Consumers Choice Awards for continuing to promote the best in the business and congratulations to Big Als Supercentres for being the best Aquarium Center in Edmonton. Visit Big Als Aquarium in Edmonton on 3511 99th Street NW or call to speak directly to an aquatic specialist at 780-435-3474. Find the aquatic display that fits your home today.

Setting up and properly maintaining an aquarium fish tank takes a commitment of time, effort and money as fish are living creatures, which will depend on you for their every need. Food, oxygen and a livable environment become your responsibility once you have placed fish in an aquarium fish tank in your home.

As you probably learned in early education, all creatures emit waste materials, which produce nitrogen and eventually turn into ammonia. This chemical is deadly to most animals and aquatic animals living in an aquarium fish tank are no exception. Over feeding your fish is the usual cause of high ammonia levels.

The more they eat, the more waste is created and the higher the amounts of nitrate and ammonia is introduced into your aquarium fish tank. This not only makes for a dirty looking tank, but also stresses the fish and makes them more susceptible to disease. Whether you feed your fish moderate amounts twice a day or a normal amount once a day, they should seem excited to see the food come in and have it one in about five minutes.

Food that settles on the bottom or accumulates in the water is a sign of putting in too much food at one time and the amount needs to be reduced. The fish in an aquarium fish tank will also seem to be less than enthusiastic about eating if you feed them too much.

Keeping Water Clear By Changing

The best way to keep your aquarium fish tank clear is to change the water frequently. That is not to say all the water needs to be replaced at one time, rather about 20 percent every week should be a big help. A simple method to remove and replace about one fifth of the water is to have the amount needed in a container sitting in the same room as the aquarium fish tank for about 24 hours to reach room temperature. Then remove that amount and add the replacement water.

Temperature concerns should not be an issue, even if a 10 or 15 degree difference is noted between your room and your aquarium fish tank as you are only replacing 20 percent. In their natural habitat, aquatic animals see water temperature fluctuations of three or four degrees throughout a single day. If the temperature difference is a major concern to you, a heater placed in the container with the new water can help alleviate those concerns.