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There are a huge number of aquarium vacuum cleaners on the market today. Many do a fine job when it comes to performance, but ultimately what makes the difference is how well it handles gravel. You want to be sure that you are using a product that can handle the work load and deal with gravel without shortening its lifespan or cleaning capabilities.

An aquarium vacuum cleaner can range anywhere from ten to fifty dollars in cost. Like most products, when it comes right down to it, cost does not equal quality in all cases. It is best to know about the product you are planning to buy and to also be aware of the kind of job you will need it to perform before you make any kind of investment.

One key feature that you may want to be aware of when shopping for an aquarium vacuum is how well it cleans without removing aquarium water. Many battery operated vacuum and siphons are not designed to clean objects without removing the water. In fact, many siphons meant for changing water are used as vacuums themselves! The battery operated Mr. Clean by TOM Aquarium Maintenance is a product that vacuums without removing valuable water. The product is inexpensive and has grown to be fairly popular among aquarium enthusiasts. This product uses an external filter and a gravel brush as well. This brush is reported by many to simply be a hindrance to the actual vacuuming action.

In the high range vacuums, judging strictly by cost is the EHEIM Quick Vac. In this case, the money really does make a difference when it comes to the actual product. While still battery operated, this model of aquarium vacuum requires no buckets or hoses to function and works seamlessly in up to three feet of submersion. The product is ideal for complete cleaning of any aquarium but is also not much of hassle when it comes to spot maintenance. This vacuum does a thorough job of cleaning without removing excessive amounts of water or completely redistributing the gravel. It is designed to capture both minor and large debris as well. While prices hover around the sixty dollar mark, the investment is worth the expense.

Having a quality vacuum for your aquarium not only helps with the transparency of the water in your aquarium, it also helps to keep your fish or plants healthy to enjoy a longer and fuller life. A quality vacuum also extends the period of time in which you must change the water in your tank, minimizing the effort on the part of the aquarium owner. Invest in a quality aquarium vacuum today and enjoy watching your aquarium thrive with ease.